Tuesday, 11 September 2007

More Repugnican Skullduggery emerges

The New York Times has an interesting article today on the Don Siegelman case. This is the case that illustrates why the Repugs were so keen on getting their own placemen into the US Attorney slots : so they could use the law as a weapon against their political opponents.

Siegelman was stitched up, convicted of bribery in a nothing case where the exchange of favours was routine and unremarkable, something seen every day at all political levels throughout America. He derived no personal profit from his supposed bribe. The pressure was coming from the White House to put him behind bars. What the NY Times article doesn't cover, probably because it's too tinfoil-hatty, was the real reason for the drive to incarcerate Siegelman : that he was threatening to kick up a fuss about stolen elections.

The short version is that the 2002 Governor's election in Alabama, where Siegelman was the incumbent, was extremely close. The two leading candidates were separated by only a few thousand votes, with Siegelman narrowly ahead. Then the Repugnicans went into action. A special midnight recount was held with a laptop-wielding repug operative lending a helping hand and, whaddya know, suddenly a few thousand more votes appeared for Siegelman's opponent, who was now declared the winner. Siegelman demanded a recount and was denied it by a Bush appointee. He conceded defeat but wouldn't shut up about how the election had been stolen from him. So he had to be taken out.

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